Intuvo 9000 GC

Caracteristici: Inovatia adusa in sistemul drumului parcurs de proba (Flow path) da posibilitatea de a revizui dimensiunile cromatografului de gaze, precum si conexiunile si modul de incalzire a elementelor din sistemul drumului probei. Conexiunile fara ferule de tipul tasteaza – si – opereaza (click – and – run) permite oricarui operator, chiar si a celui fara experienta, de a realiza conexiuni ermetice, fara scurgeri. Lamelele de siguranta (Guard Chips) elimina necesitatea taierii coloanelor, procedura efectuata anterior cu scopul de a proteja componentii, ce trec prin coloana, de contaminare. Coloanele sunt protejate, nu doar intretinute. Incalzirea directa si designul unic planar al coloanei furnizeaza performante exceptionale de incalzire, utilizand doar o jumatate din spatiu si mai putin de jumatate din puterea electrica a baii de aer a cromatografelor de gaz conventionale. Cheile ID inteligente, atasate componentelor critice ale drumului parcurs de proba, ne ofera informatii ce tin de tipul configuratiei si varsta coloanei. Intuvo detine proceduri inteligente de diagnosticare a problemelor aparute in procesul de functionare a sistemului si genereaza ghidul de solutionare, pas cu pas, a acestora. Noul sistem GC este perfect compatibil in utilizarea cu spectrometrele de masa 5977B, 7000D si 7010B. Softurile OpenLAB CDS si MassHunter asigura un mediu familiar de operare pentru toate aplicatiile GC si GC/MS. Intuvo 9000 GC este compatibil cu intreaga gama de autoinjectoare, inclusiv autoinjectoarele 7693A si 7650A utilizate pentru injectarea probelor lichide si autoinjectorul 7697A utilizat pentru injectarea probelor gazoase (pentru analizele headspace dedicate).  

8890 GC System

The browser interface provides remote connectivity enables you to monitor your GC system, check system logs, and perform diagnostics tests, from inside, as well as outside, the laboratory. The full-function touch screen gives a visual report of the system configuration letting you update methods and sequences, perform maintenance routines, and check instrument status. Built-in intelligence autonomously monitors the health of the system, alerts the user of potential issues before they affect chromatographic performance, and offers helpful step-by-step guides to resolve issues. Unique 6th-generation microchannel-based EPC architecture provides a significant improvement in reliability and longevity against gas contaminants such as particulates, water, and oils, extending the life of the instrument consumables. Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) provides unique gas flow connections for multidimension gas chromatography (GC x GC/Deans Switch), comprehensive two-dimension gas chromatography (GC x GC) with flow modulation, and backflush at the beginning, middle, or end of an analytical column that are oven mountable and very low thermal mass. Single filament TCD that doesn’t require a separate reference gas, or manual potentiometer adjustment, yet provides a stable baseline with a minimal amount of signal drift commonly seen with valve switching. Autoranging FID provides the ability to detect and quantitate from percent levels to parts per billion (ppb) in a single injection. Sulfur or nitrogen chemiluminescence detector provides low ppb detection, equimolar response, and quantitation for sulfur or nitrogen contaminants without quenching from matrix. Cost-saving advanced electronic pneumatic controllers such as Helium Conservation Module, Hydrogen Sensors, and Alternate Carrier Gas Solutions, dramatically reduce the amount of helium used offering both flexibility and higher levels of safety in your laboratory.