Analize chimice

Spectroscopia atomică

Agilent offers a range of atomic absorption systems that match any analytical need or budget. Our portfolio AA Spectrometers include the world’s fastest flame AA, featuring unique “Fast Sequential” capability for high performance flame atomization. We also offer the sensitive graphite furnace AA, along with an extensive range of versatile, precision-engineered accessories and supplies to help analysts meet any application challenge.


Agilent 240

The Agilent 240 AA system combines rugged and reliable hardware with easy-to-use software, making it ideal for low-throughput laboratories. Featuring true double-beam optics, D2 background correction, and the Mark 7 flame atomization system (standard), the 240 AA system is well suited to environmental, food, and agriculture applications. The Mark 7 spray chamber is simple to use, with twist-and-lock assembly and plastic components designed to handle the challenging samples encountered in materials and mining applications. The 240 AA can be fitted with a full range of AA accessories to further extend its capabilities. Features Designed for dusty, corrosive environments—completely sealed optics with quartz overcoated mirrors; optional air purge continually cleans the inside of the instrument to exclude corrosive vapors. Fast response background correction—the high intensity deuterium background corrector has a fast 2-ms response time ensuring accurate correction of transient background signals. Easy lamp maintenance—the lamp is immediately accessible for easy adjustment or replacement without needing to remove the instrument covers. Automation to fit the need and budget—Automatic wavelength and slit selection, four fixed-lamp positions for quick, reliable lamp changes, and a next lamp warm-up feature that saves analysis time. Expandable—analyze mercury and hydrides at trace ppb levels using the continuous flow vapor generation accessory (VGA 77). Add the ETC 60 for unattended, flameless atomization of hydride elements. Upgradable—The 240 AA can be easily upgraded at any time. Reduces ownership costs—Rapid troubleshooting and fault diagnosis keep your lab up and running faster. The Telediagnostics option connects to our worldwide network of on-line support personnel.